Our pricing policy keeps you in control.

Our rates are very competitive and all our fees are fully inclusive with no hidden charges.

Contact us to arrange a free site appraisal including design advice so you can meet us and discuss your requirements.  We will then send to you our no obligation detailed written quotation for you to fully consider in your own time.   We feel that by combining a free site appraisal with a written no obligation quotation, you will have confidence in the quality and the price of the service provided by CSB Architecture.

Our clear pricing policy ensures that you are in control of your budget. All required work by CSB Architecture is clearly outlined before we begin so that you know exactly what you will receive.  You also remain in control of the costs because you are consulted before any money is committed.

In addition to our competitive prices, the detailed written quotation is grouped into clear stages, which enables you to pay CSB Architecture only as we complete various milestones in our work.  Furthermore, if for any reason you do not continue with your project you do not pay for stages of work which we have not started. 

Finally, CSB Architecture Ltd does not charge VAT.